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Design Challenge

The Challenge: Using contemporary tools, reimagine one image from the National Museum of African American History and Culture Collection in a way that empowers the subject as opposed to denigrating or stereotyping.

Due Tuesday, December 18, 2018.

We’re willing to put a little skin in the game—$99 bucks goes to the winner.

The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and…(Culture) puts together collections, stories, blogs, initiatives, and several tools for us to experience, explore, educate and inform our narrative as AA/Black people and creatives.

Walking toy in the form of a caricatured porter.
This challenge has two purposes:
1. To bring attention to their efforts —because we believe in them and love what they do.
2. To possibly pitch them an idea for partnership — because anything is possible.
3. We will post some entries on AAGD website and social media. (with permission and links, of course. Full transparency.)

1. Winner judged by peers and final committee
2. Partnering is allowed
3. You own all rights to what you create, this isn’t work for hire.
4. We don’t care how many are submitted
5. You gotta beat the house band*

Now, you tell us what’s fair and what you would like from us. As always, this idea is up for critique and for improvement from the community. Please ask any questions you have.

*house band=Think: the Roots mixed with Iron Chef. Someone on our internal team who will always accept a challenge, like a samurai. Bring your skills.

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