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Partner Story | Black Identity

Saddi Khali

Decolonizing Beauty | Identity

The request was for us to rebrand a poet, photographer, healer and social media influencer to visually convey the liberating process of self-discovery through photography. Can you identify?

Saddi has an annual outdoor party for Spellman and Morehouse and wanted to up his event by offering his people something to take home to remember his event.

We Know Us.

And we see branding through an accurate historical lense. After understanding Saddi's full vision we dug into a little bit of history to get visual advice from our elders. We focused on three concepts: Redact. Reclaim. Unlock.

Through research, we collaborated to find the essence of the identity.



After listening to Mike's needs on our phone call, we reassured him we were on the same page. We soon sent Mr. Mike the sketch of one character—to show style and influnces— and after we proved we heard him, we proceeded with the project.

  • Logo
  • Landing Page
  • Website Consultation


Looking forward to seeing these ideas. Covered what we discussed and moved the project forward after seeing the whole picture and intricate complications of moving brands from one source to the next.

We would love to hear your ideas & work together.