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The son of Sugar Shack
The son of Sugar Shack

Partner Story | Cultural Relevance

Mike A. Productions

Damn Day Party | Art Direction + Illustration

Our initial phone call with Mike Anderson went something like this: “We hired someone from Fiverr and they aren’t…They just don't get us. They keep giving us silhouettes and we want something that shows more soul.”

Each year, Mike hosts an outdoor party for Spelman and Morehouse’s homecoming. For this one, he wanted to offer people keepsakes from the event that reflected its flavor, tone and style. The visual artists he consulted online didn’t understand what he wanted to produce or how to tap into its cultural relevance.

We understood our client.

After listening to Mike’s needs over the phone, we reassured him we were on the same page. We sent him sketches of a character that would go on posters, T-shirts and other items for sale. Our aim was to display style and influence that would resonate with the audience and still speak to what Mike wanted to showcase. Once we proved to Mike that we understood his vision, we proceeded with the project.

You lead. We follow.
Our team strives to understand your ideas and bring them to life.

Last minute request that realy worked!
Damn Day Party Logo-01

We delivered results.

After choosing the focus of the composition, we created characters based on the motion and feel of Ernie Barnes’ painting “The Sugar Shack,” which gained immense popularity once it was used on the hit television show “Good Times.” The result? Our client loved it. Because we listened to Mike, we were able to produce work that celebrated our culture and made his event memorable. The artwork went on posters, T-shirts, and prints that were sold at the event as special gifts for party VIPs.  

  • Poster
  • T-Shirt
  • Step & Repeat
Mike Anderson, Mike.A Productions


The AAGD Team understood my requests immediately and provided me with a sketch before I made the decision to hire them. The experience was incredible, my team loved the artwork and answered my calls, questions, and concerns promptly.

We would love to hear your ideas & work together.