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The AAGD Story

Our Beliefs

We believe in supporting, educators, community organizers, non-profits and any individual, regardless of race who wishes to advance the brand and identity of african americans / black people in America and globally. 

The Vision

AAGD will be one of the many organizations who leads aa/black youth into the field of visual communications. 

We also see ourselves as the provider of stellar graphic design for the aa/black community at large. 

We envision creating ideas, movements and products that stay inline with a heritage of aa/black people who served their life attempting to enhance the image of aa/blacks.

In addition we intend on donating 10% of our finances and our talents to the following organizations because we believe they are making the right movements to help our community grow and creatives 

· Kuumba Community Arts (Alabama)

· E4Youth (Austin)

*from thus forward: this whole African American or Black (noun) will be shortened to aa/black (pronounced SlashBlack). forever. 

Vision + Beliefs

This is where our mission, vision and belief statements live. Take a look at what we want achieve this year and help hold us accountable. Our Ethics

Our Story

What had happened was... If you're interested, we'll tell you how we got started out of need for community. We started from the bottom and now...Our Story

The Staff

We have a small and coloful cast of characters helping us out with our mission. Take a second, hang out and Meet the Team